Technical German language learning center

The center offers branch literature and dictionaries with an emphasis on German didactics, learning German as a foreign language, but mainly on specialized German in the fields of medicine, law, economics and technology.


The list of available literature in the Technical German language center:

  • Monolingual German dictionaries;
  • Latvian-German and German-Latvian dictionaries;
  • Dictionaries of terminology in various fields;
  • Study literature (banking, economics, professional communication, hotel operations, agriculture, medicine).

The offer is supplemented by lexicons and manuals in German in various fields:

  • In the humanities (linguistics and literature, philosophy, music, art);
  • In natural sciences (chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics);
  • Social sciences (psychology, economics, information and communication science);
  • In education.


In addition to the basic offer, the training center also offers Latvian language teaching materials and literature about Latvia and the Baltic States in Latvian and German.

Some books are now also available in the general catalog of the University of Latvia.

A complete list of books and media

Books are not available for pick up. You can work in the learning center and print all necessary for free.


Working time: by appointment

The Technical German language learning center was sponsored by Rotary clubs: Rotary Club Bochum-Rechen, Auxerre/Frankreich, Rotary International and Riga Hanza Rotary club.