Collaboration of Researchers of Riga Technical University and Freiburg University in the Research and Development of Concept Map Based Intelligent Tutoring and Knowledge Assessment System

Duration of the project

01.09.2011. - 30.11.2011.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Riga Technical University
Freiburg University

Aim of the project

The aim of the project was  to develop an innovative product – intelligent adaptive knowledge assessment software, by integrating approaches and methods developed in Riga Technical University and in Freiburg University, to inform Latvian researchers, lecturers and students about the research carried out at Freiburg University on automated assessment of knowledge  acquired by students and to further develop collaboration and closer contacts between the computer scientists of Riga Technical University and Freiburg University in order to develop the study process at the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology of RTU and to enhance development of collaborative innovative product.

Main activities of the project

The project activities took place from September to November 2011 and comprised two visits – a visit of two RTU researchers to Freiburg University from 5-9 September and a visit of two researchers of Freiburg University to RTU.

During the visit in Freiburg University RTU researchers gave presentations on the research that had been carried out in RTU and about research methods used.  In turn the researchers of Freiburg University during their visit in RTU gave two lectures and participated in the seminar organized by RTU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology with presentations on the research methods and results of the work on concept map based intelligent knowledge assessment carried out at Freiburg University.  The seminar was attended by students, lecturers and researchers not only from Riga Technical University but also from the University of Agriculture, Vidzeme High School, Sports Academy, International Higher School of Practical Psychology and University of Latvia.

During project activities the researchers of RTU and Freiburg University discussed the possibility of integrating the modules developed in both universities into one innovative adaptive knowledge assessment system which could be used for knowledge assessment and would adjust further process of assessment according to the level of competencies demonstrated by student. Such product could be used through all levels of education and in different kinds of training.  The system also would allow to obtain the statistics and dynamics of the acquired knowledge.

Target group and number of persons involved

The target audience of the project was: computer scientists, students, lecturers and representatives of institutions – potential users of the product – educational institutions and manufacturers.