Project management and development – practice and perspectives

Duration of the project

03.01.2012. - 28.02.2012.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
University of Dortmund
University of Tartu
University of Klaipeda

Aim of the project

The project activities are directly aimed at developing and reinforcing the cooperation between Latvia and Germany with regard to the project management, adopting the good practices and solutions of the project management of German professionals in the field. The cooperation-fostering aspects and chosen model of the action are oriented towards national-scale recognition of project manager as a profession, transferring the experience accumulated in Latvia to the German partner, ensuring transfer of experience from Dortmund University in relation to organization of international cooperation networks and study program synchronization and coordination between similar study programs in other parts of Europe. Thus, a cooperation model featuring feedback opportunities would be ensured within the framework of the project.

Main activities of the project

When providing for the workshop organization before the planned conference, Latvia-Germany relations issues such as potential creation of an international study program cooperation network will be discussed, as well as potential exchange study arrangements for the academic staff and students from the universities of Dortmund and Latvia.

Target group and number of persons involved

The conference proceedings comprising the results and conclusions from the research carried out by Latvian and German academic staff and students will be published in Germany and Latvia, and the access will be ensured by publishing it in electronic format on the project implementer and cooperation partner’s website.