Scientific Conference on the Topic „German-Latvian Perspectives in Research and Teaching in German Studies in the Context of Cultural Studies”

Duration of the project

01.07.2012. - 30.09.2012.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Daugavpils University
University of Marburg

Aim of the project

In a narrower sense the reports of this preparatory conference were aimed at the participants of the project, but they were also oriented on an interdisciplinary group of listeners who were invited to discuss the reports and thus to contribute the exploration of issues. Students of German, History and other cultural-oriented disciplines, who were interested in the conference, were also welcomed.

A half-day excursion was also foreseen in the program of the conference. This excursion gave a specific insight into the culture of the area and its historical development, especially into the „trails of the German Balts in the Latgale region“.

It is planned to publish the reports of the conference in the conference proceedings.

Main activities of the project

The Department of German Philology at Daugavpils University, in cooperation with the Institute of Modern German Literature Studies at the University of Marburg, organized a scientific conference from 24 to 25 August, 2012 on the topic „ German-Latvian Perspectives in Research and Teaching in German Studies in the Context of Cultural Studies “.

Target group and number of persons involved

The conference group consisted of reputable Germanists with cross-cultural research priorities from different universities and institutes of Germany and Latvia. The main aim of this group was to initiate a sustainable research network to uncover a desideratum in the fields of Linguistics, German as a Foreign Language, Cultural Studies, History of Literature, Cultural Sociology for the development of Baltic-German cultural relations.

A further objective of the group was to promote the next generation of German and Latvian young scientists, for example through the creation of trainee positions or the award of project-specific exam and dissertation topics