German-Baltic Academic Seminar in Judaic Studies “On the bridge: Germany, Baltic and Jews in Modern Times”

Duration of the project

01.03.2014. - 15.12.2014.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
University Tübingen
University of Potsdam
The Vilnius Yiddish Institute
Tallinn University

Aim of the project

To give an idea of Baltic region’s development and mutual relations between different ethnic groups during the modern times.

To promote knowledge about the development of sub-ethnic groups in specific region, and the Baltic – as contact region between East and West Europe.

To enlarge the view and understanding of Latvian students and researches in Judaic studies, Jewish history and culture, as well as give an insight in the contemporary concept of Jewish history and culture in Europe’s history context.

Main activities of the project

First seminar, dedicated to religious aspect of Jewish and other nations relations.

Second seminar, dedicated to linguistic aspect of Jewish and other Baltic nations relations.

Target group and number of persons involved

Expected number of seminar participants was in total 60 people, however in fact more than 100 persons took part in the seminars (49 in the first seminar and 84 – in the second).

The target group of the seminars were mainly history, theology and philology students of University of Latvia, as well as specialists in Jewish history.