Cultural differences of subjective mental health, stress and burnout of Estonian and German medical students

Duration of the project

20.07.2015. - 15.12.2015.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Estonian University of Life Sciences
University Medicine Greifswald

Aim of the project

To organise the meetings between Est-Germ research partners and write manuscript on comparative data, collected during 2009-2014 through the collaboration study on medical students‘ health.

Main activities of the project

Creating the web-page on the project topics.

Meeting in Greifswald, Institute for Medical Psychology, University of Medicine

01.12.2015 Seminar-lecture took place on the topic of medical students’ stress, burnout and health, report of the research results. Prof U. Wiesmann gave overview of study results, systematisation of data and statistics.

Completing of data analysis on the topic of salutogenesis theory: The mediator role of sence of coherence between health resources and outcomes of medical students.

Target group and number of persons involved

The staff of the institute and doctoral students, n= 10, prof U. Wiesmann and me.