International Conference: „Verfall der Sitten und Moral” – Discourseanalysis of the exclusion and refusal of ideals and moral concepts

Duration of the project

01.07.2014. - 15.12.2014.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
University of Siegen

Aim of the project

  1. interdisciplinary insight of the genesis of values and concepts of the right environmental order
  2. bringing together German and Latvian scientists and their institutions
  3. distribution of the method of discourse analysis towards  interested researchers from several fields in Latvian humanities

Main activities of the project

Lecture of Professor Dr. Claudia Kraft at the faculty of history and philosophy (26.11.2014)

Conference about “Diskursanalysen der Abgrenzung und Ausgrenzung” with many interdisciplinary lectures and discussions

Reading of the German author Andreas H. Apelt who read from his new book “Pappelallee”

Target group and number of persons involved

PhD-Students, Professors, Students researching history, culture, linguistics and law, but also interested guests (about 60 people participated in the several events of the project).