Intercultural perspectives on humour in public discourse

Duration of the project

18.06.2014. - 12.12.2014.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Vilnius University
University of Greifswald

Aim of the project

At the project level: 1) to identify how humour is constructed in German, English and Lithuanian public discourse; 2) to identify linguistic means expressing humour; 3) to identify if English has any impact on expressing humour in German and Lithuanian, especially in translating humour; 4) to identify cross-cultural and culture-specific features of humour in public discourse.

At the institutional level: to promote research cooperation between Vilnius University and the University of Greifswald on the basis of the long-lasting tradition.

Main activities of the project

  • Compiling the corpus of research and setting up the methodology. Working with students on their individual papers focusing on the expression of humour in German, English and Lithuanian
  • Discussing the methodology with the German colleagues in Greifswald, July 9-12, 2014
  • Symposium summing up the results of research and presenting them to the wider audience (12-13 December, 2014, Vilnius University)

Target group and number of persons involved

19 people were directly involved in the project (6 professional linguists and 13 students with presentations) and ca. 20 people attended the Humour Symposium held in Vilnius.