Social Emotional Education Prototype Modelling in On-line Learning COVID-19 Environment (SEEP)

Duration of the project

20.07.2021. - 21.11.2021.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Vytautas Magnus University
University of Latvia
University of Tartu
Heidelberg University

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Giedrė Kvieskienė

Project aims

The project aims to create a prototype of SEEP model for inclusive community relying on an interactive web page on artificial intelligence.

Main activities and venues

1. Focus group discussion with German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian experts I and II: Platform: Teams, aiming to explore the good experiences of Germany, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the field of social emotional competences. I Start: 10.07.2021; 11.00 h – 14.00 h. Invited 12 participants. II Start: 09. 09.2021; 11.00 h.- 14.00 h., Invited 12 participants.

2. Open Round table discussion I: Teams. Modelling the content and operating principles and questionnaire for a common prototype and interactive web page. Start: 20. 09. 2021 14.00 – 17.00. Invited 40 participants.

3. Organization of the questionnaire. Teams, Surveys will be organized in 4 Countries on the Subject. 07. 2021 till. 10. 2021. Invited 1200 participants.

4. Public presentation of the study and prototype at the conference. Performance of pilot testing of the prototype and website. August 20–22, 2021. Target group of Research.

5. Analysis and summary of the results of the pilot testing.

6. Open Round table discussion II: Preparation of a hypothetic model of prototype to the conditions of different countries. 11. 06. 2021. 14.00 h -17.00

* The 3rd International Conference on Modern Research in Education, Teaching and Learning (ICMETL) Listed in Distance Education, E-learning, Education, Higher Education, Liberal Arts education, Lifelong Learning, Teaching and Learning. August 20–22, 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.: project team.

Direct and indirect target group

Direct: Teachers, Support professionals, Administration : 15 200

Indirect: Students, Families, Municipality representatives : 250 000