Seminar “Main Challenges in the Baltic States and German Economies in the Context of Russian Trade Embargo and Greek Crisis”

Duration of the project

04.01.2016. - 01.04.2016.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
Bank of Latvia
Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Tartu University
Kaunas University of Technology

Aim of the project

The economies in the European Union (EU) today are facing a lot of challenges. The seminar envisioned shall be dedicated to the analysis and discussion of these challenges with a particular focus on the Baltic States and Germany. Main topics of the discussion will be

(a) the Russian trade embargo and

(b) the Greek debt crisis.

Main activities of the project

There will be Seminar with presentations and discussions. Everything will be organized at the University of Latvia Faculty of Economics and Management

Target group and number of persons involved

Planned audience of the seminar is around 70 people (professionals, policy makers, scientists, students and media). A lot of informative activities will be carried out to attract interested audience.

Target group was students, professors, industry experts and others interested at the topic. Actual audience of seminar were 102 representatives of our aimed target group