School of Academic Excellence: Value through knowledge

Duration of the project

01.08.2021. - 30.10.2021.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Rezekne Academy of Technologies
University of Latvia
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Tallinn University of Technology
Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Project manager

Dr. paed. Velta Ļubkina

Project aims

Within the framework of the project “School of Academic Excellence: Values through Knowledge”, an innovative, application-oriented, interdisciplinary, and international event concerning higher education didactics was organized for the improvement of transversal competencies of the academic staff of STEM subjects of Latvian higher education (HE) institutions and the transformation of educational values under the influence of the conditions created by COVID-19.

The aim of the event was to promote long-term cooperation between Latvia, Germany and the Baltic States in order to improve the quality of higher education by organizing an interdisciplinary event for the synergy of NATURAL SCIENCES, TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION/ Didactics of HE, and it was achieved.

RTU has a longstanding experience in organizing methodological conferences, however, so far, they have taken place only within RTU. This conference was organized on the Latvian scale. Foreign scientists were involved in the project as well.

Therefore, a 2-day event was organized to obtain good practice from foreign partners and share experiences of RTU and Latvia.

The target audience that participated in the event: academic staff of RTU and Latvian universities, researchers and doctoral students.

Main activities and venues

The project activities were organized on the RTU premises. These activities were carried out according to the plan.

The event was organized in accordance with the requirements of the pandemic (participation with vaccination certificates).

  1. 08.2021 – 06.10.2021. An assistant/student was involved in the preparation of the event, completion of the target group, provision and organization of technical work. The working group ensured successful administrative work and cooperation with foreign partners.
  2. 10.2021 – 08.10.2021. Successfully conducted event “School of Academic Excellence: Values ​​through Knowledge”; 102 participants of Latvian higher education institutions; foreign partners from Germany (1), Lithuania (2), Estonia (1).
  3. 01.08.2021 – 30.10.2021. At the beginning of the project, information was prepared, and several publicity measures were implemented on the RTU and partners’ websites. The leaflets were prepared and distributed at the beginning of the academic year at RTU and partner HEIs. The risk factors were analyzed during the event. The video of the event was scheduled for noon on the first day. However, in view of the growing conditions of the pandemic, it was decided to make video recordings throughout the day so that as many people as possible could get acquainted with the conference materials. The recorded materials are posted on the and provided access to all interested parties ORTUS: Jaunumi, presentations are also available on the same video materials and RTU website for a wide audience.
  4. 10.2021 – 30.10.2021. Quality and results were evaluated, documentation and report were prepared. After the conference, an online survey of participants was conducted to analyze the progress of the event. The obtained data will be prepared for publication in the international joint paper and submitted for popularization at the international scientific conference (2022).The publication is being prepared for the development of the competencies of the academic staff for the conference EDULEARN22, which will take place in Mallorca, Spain, in July 2022 publication will be available in the conference proceedings, which will be included in Thomson Reuters’ WoS database by the end of the year.

Direct and indirect target group

Direct: The two-day event was attended by 47+55 =102 participants (academic staff, researchers, PhD students from Latvia HE institutions), including participants from Lithuania (2), Estonia (1), Germany (1)


  • Video recording of the event was provided on the first day that will ensure access for all interested parties (we expect 500 viewers in RTU and Latvia within the next 3 months)
  • Presentations published on the ORTUS: Jaunumi for accessibility to a wide audience