Modern trends in solid-state NMR and spin dynamics: towards non-destructive peptide-based polarizing agents for DNP

Duration of the project

01.06.2018. - 30.11.2018.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Vilnius University
University of Technology Darmstadt

Aim of the project

i) systematically investigate the building blocks (amino acids) of the peptides for the purpose to choose the target ones for preparing radical peptide;

ii) investigate the synthesised radical peptides for the purpose to employ them for DNP NMR spectroscopy.

Main activities of the project

  1. NMR experimental work, Vilnius University
  2. Interim meeting and low temperature NMR experimental work, TU–Darmstadt
  3. DNP experimental work, TU–Darmstadt
  4. Lectures and final meeting, Vilnius University

Target group and number of persons involved

Students and researches at Vilnius University from the Faculties of Physics, Chemistry and Geosciences, and the Centre of Life Sciences as well as the researchers from the Centre of Physical Sciences and Technologies 52 persons