Martin Heidegger’s book “Zollikoner Seminar” translation, the translations publication and a scientific presentation

Duration of the project

01.01.2012. - 30.05.2012.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

European Humanities University
University of Heidelberg

Aim of the project

The aim of the project was by means of translation to make the mentioned book available to the professional (philosophical, psychological) public in Lithuania and other Baltic States and with the help of the planned scholarly presentation of the book to encourage and promote in the academic milieu the interest in both the phenomenological tradition and in the humanistic psychology and not least in the interdisciplinary interaction of philosophy, psychology and psychotherapy.

The book Zollikon Seminars ranks among the classical and most influential works in the fields of existential psychology and anthropology. From the epistemological point of view it is of great importance first of all because it demonstrates and encourages fruitfulness and necessity for interdisciplinary cooperation of psychologists and philosophers.

The fact that the book appeared in Russian translation has substantial advantages for the entire region. So far the book hasn’t been translated into any national languages of the region. At the same time Lithuania is well-known as the center of the existential psychology and psychotherapy not only in the Baltic, but also in the entire Eastern European area, in particular due to the activity of the Institute of Humanistic and Existential Psychology (Birstonas).

The program of the presentation included lectures of the specially invited scholars who provided the polemic context for further reception of the book. The following specialists participated in the presentation: Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Kraus (Germany), Prof. Alice Holzhey-Kunz (Switzerland), Prof. Dr. Rimantas Kociunas (Lithuania), Prof. Dr. Anatoli Mikhailov (Lithuania).

Main activities of the project

The project was initiated by the Research Center for Philosophical Anthropology (European Humanities University, Vilnius). It consisted of the following three parts: 1) final preparation for publication, 2) publication, and 3) scholarly presentation of the Russian translation of the Zollikon Seminars by Martin Heidegger. The project duration was five months. The book presentation took place 29 May in Vilnius.

Target group and number of persons involved

The target group of the project was students and scholars in the spheres of psychology, philosophy and practicing psychologists. The Project director was Prof. Dr. Tatiana Shchyttsova.