Integrated methodology for resort research and adaption of tourist perception model in Baltic resorts

Duration of the project

11.01.2013. - 30.11.2013.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

School of Business Administration Turiba
University of Greifswald
University of Klaipeda
Estonian School of Hotel and Tourism Management

Aim of the project

Adaptation of VIPER model (Greifswald, Germany) in Baltic seaside resorts (Jūrmala, Klaipeda, Parnu) and design of new integrated research methodology.

Main activities of the project

1. The presentation and assessment of VIPER model

2. Improvement of The VIPER model according current needs

3. Adaptation of VIPER model and student`s involvement in the adaptation of research methodology

4. Need analysis of Baltic seaside resort research

5. Evaluation of Baltic seaside resort, for research used secondary and primary data bases.

6. Development of seaside resort`s integrated research methodology, based on need analysis and national and local benefits.

Target group and number of persons involved

Six scientists of three Baltic States will be active during the project. About 20 students of four Baltic Universities will be involved in the Project activities. There will be involved as seaside resort tourist development managers as planners (5-10 people).