The challenges associated with the new generation sustainable plant proteins-enriched food prototypes for Baltic-German population

Duration of the project

01.04.2017. - 15.11.2017.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
University Leipzig
BIOR Institute

Aim of the project

The aim of the proposed project is intended to improve the biological value, safety and sustainability of lupin food products, and to create new ideas for higher value safe food production.

Main activities of the project

Two research visits:

(12.-16.06.2017) Institute of Food Hygiene (Leipzig University) organised a 4-day research visit in Leipzig including scientific internship at the Institute of Food Hygiene, An den Tierkliniken 1, 04103 Leipzig. 13.06.2017 seminar with keynote lectures (Prof. Dr. Elena Bartkiene, PD Dr. Ingrid Vervuert, Dr. Alexandra Schutkowski, Dipl. LM Denise Melde), Lab research for PhD students (topic: protein extraction methods, (13.-16.6.17) and scientific discussions (12.-16.6.17) for senior scientists;

(18-22.09.2017) Lithuanian University of Health Sciences will organised a 4 day research visit in Lithuania and Latvia including scientific internship (topic food development), scientific discussion and seminar between the Lithuania – Latvia – German partners (the date and venue of the planned public events: 18-19.09.2017 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Tilzes 18, Kaunas, Lithuania; names of the speakers: prof. habil dr. Grazina Juodeikiene, senior researcher dr. Daiva Vidmantiene, Dr. Claudia Wiacek, prof. dr. Elena Bartkiene, including Lab research and scientific discussions; 20.09.2017 BIOR,  Lejupes iela 3, Zemgales priekšpilsēta, Riga, Latvia, name of the speaker: assoc. prof. dr. Vadims Bartkevics; 21.09.2017 German language and cultural exchange, visit to Thomas Mann Museum, Skruzdynės g. 17, Nida, Lithuania)

Target group and number of persons involved


Lithuania:  Members of the Department of Food Safety and Quality (4 persons)

Germany: Members of the Institute of Food Hygiene (12 persons)

Latvia: Members of the BIOR of Laboratory of Food and Environmental Investigations (5 persons)


Lithuania: colleagues from the field of food sciences, veterinary food safety, human nutrition, students (150 persons)

Germany: colleagues from the field of food hygiene, food technology, food chemistry, human nutrition, plant cultivation, students, member of the competence cluster nutriCARD (10 persons).