Transdisciplinary Colloquium Hermann Adler

Duration of the project

01.03.2019. - 31.05.2019.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Vilnius University
Vytautas Magnus University
Paderborn University
Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg

Aim of the project

The widely forgotten German-Jewish poet Hermann Adler is in many respects a symbolic figure: as a refugee on the run of National Socialism and as a survivor of the Nazi ghettos of Vilnius and Warsaw and moreover the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. His lyrical work, written in the Vilna ghetto, like his equally exceptional and typical biography, offers both an opportunity for manifold perspectives. This is what the transdisciplinary colloquium wants to achieve by means of ‘twin perspectives’. Scientists from different faculties (film studies, history, Jewish studies, literary studies, theology) seek their very own access to this personality, their (lyrical) activity and their time and present it. In this way, a fruitful debate is sought on the survivor Adler and the epoch in which the “Jerusalem of the East” became the “city of death”. In Lithuania too, dealing with this complex and serious legacy (including its own debt involvement) is still in its infancy.
The Pope’s visit and the wreath-laying ceremony at the Jewish Memorial in autumn 2018 have received much attention here.

The invited speakers, whose names you please refer to the attached draft program, all bring with them the potential for fruitful transdisciplinary cooperation. The aim is to increase the participation of local researchers in the lectures. The draft program leaves v.a. room left on the first day.

Direct and indirect target group

Direct: Academics of various faculties, approximately 20. Also: Museums focusing on Jewish cultural history in Vilnius. Could benefit through reviews / press reports to the Colloquium.
Indirect: Further colleagues, students who benefit from the findings of the transdisciplinary colloquium about 120

Public events

27. – 28.05.2019.

Transdisciplinary Colloquium Hermann Adler

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