Bio-based UV-curing resins for material applications

Duration of the project

03.08.2020. - 15.11.2020.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Riga Technical University
Fraunhofer WKI

Project Manager

Accoc. prof. Sergejs Gaidukovs

Project goals

Today the plastic processing industry and wood-based industry are facing major challenges related mainly to the scarcity of sustainable raw material caused by the overconsumption of fossil resources and also to the lack of breakthrough innovation in process biotechnology.

The overreaching objective of the present project is to propose an innovative approach to alleviate these issues. To this end, novel vegetable oil UV-curable polymeric resins, whose bio-based components are derived from biomass side-streams, will be formulated and used for UV-curing coatings as well as for additive manufacturing (AM). This will help to enlarge the range of bio-based materials in sustainable coatings and 3D printing materials. This concept will be discussed in close collaboration of the Latvian and German participants at LV-GE meetings.

Main activities and venues

Investigation of novel bio-based UV-cured resins and exchange of ideas at workshops/ seminars:

  1. Online Meeting for planning collaboration; organizer: Fraunhofer WKI, Germany
  2. Online Workshop about cooperation project activities; organizer: Riga Technical University FMAC, Riga, Latvia

Public events

Online Workshop „Novel sustainable UV-curing of bio-based polymer resins“ about cooperation project progress, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Material Science and Applied chemistry, Riga, Latvia. November 2020. Sergejs Gaidukovs, Tobias Robert


Direct and indirect target groups

Direct target group: staff and co-workers at RTU and WKI: 15

Indirect target group: staff and co-workers and students at RTU and WKI: 50