Tracing Informality in Southeastern and Northeastern Europe: Anthropological Perspectives

Duration of the project

15.06.2018. - 20.11.2018.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Riga Stradins University
Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
Latvian Association of Anthropologists

Aim of the project

The project has two main goals: 1) advancing research excellence in the study of informality in Southeast and Northeast Europe; 2) strategic networking in order to forge partnerships for research and teaching collaborations in the future.

Main activities of the project

  1. Conference keynote. Open to public. National Library of Latvia
  2. International conference. Open to public. EU House in Riga.
  3. Networking workshops. Closed event.

Target group and number of persons involved

Direct: The project activities directly target and benefit the following groups of people: 1) Participants of the international conference and networking workshop (12 people); 2) RSU SAP students (~20 people); 3) Members of the Latvian Association of Anthropologists (~40); 4) social anthropology students and academic staff from the other Baltic universities involved in the project and the Baltic Anthropology Graduate School network (exact number unknown).

Indirect: Indirectly, the project activities target and benefit the following groups of people: 1) Subscribers of the Latvian Anthropological Association mailing list (~350 people) and Facebook followers (~670 people), that is, people interested in anthropological activities and topics in Latvia; 2) Other social science scholars and students interested in topics related to informality, as well as Southeastern and Northeastern Europe; 3) Relevant policy-makers and NGO representatives; 4) RSU Faculty of Communication students and academic staff; 5) RSU international students. (Exact number for 2) to 5) unknown.)