Workshop “Media entrepreneurship and datafication of the cultural context”

Duration of the project

01.10.2020. - 15.11.2020.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Tallinn
Technical University Ilmenau

Project Manager

Dr. Andres Konno

Project goals

The Contemporary Media MA program of Tallinn University is specifically focused on teaching the changing relations between cultural contexts and media economy. The 2020 admission of this MA curriculum is especially featuring the datafication of society, i.e. it is paying a special attention to the integration of the research of cultural contexts with the new data processing technologies (the combination of RDF, semantic web and AI in the interpretation of cultural data). From the media entrepreneurship point of view, this is a challenge that opens a new perspective to the business models and services provided in this area of economy.

The workshop has two main objectives: a) to teach a MA course in media entrepreneurship in the context of datafied society and b) a seminar on future prospects of teaching the role of media entrepreneurship in changing cultural contexts. The special focus of the seminar is dedicated to the discussion of the idea of merging the practical methods of media- and data ethnography with the analysis of datafied society and the use of AI in this relation.

Main activities and venues

  1. Lectures at Tallinn University, Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School (BFM).
  2. Open seminar on future prospects of teaching media entrepreneurship at  Tallinn University, BFM.

Public events

On 13th and 14th November 2020 – Dr. Britta Gossel from Ilmenau University of Technology will give a lecture on media entrepreneurship.

On 13th November 2020 – open seminar at BFM. The speakers will be the academic staff of the BFM and the Cultural Data Analytics Centre of Excellence at Tallinn University. Among them: Dr. Britta Gossel (Ilmenau University of Technology), Dr. Maximillian Schich (prof. of cultural data analysis at BFM), Dr. Indrek Ibrus (BFM, Medit), Dr. Ulrike Rohn (BFM, Medit), Dr. Andres Joesaar (BFM, Medit), Dr. Katrin Tiidenberg (BFM, Medit) and Marek Tamm (TLÜ, Humanities), also various private stakeholders.

Direct and indirect target groups

Direct target group: the 1st and 2nd year students of Contemporary Media MA program at BFM, ca. 35 persons.

Indirect target group: in addition, students and research staff of social sciences field at Tallinn University, ca. 60 persons.