The Studentenkarzer-Phenomenon in the Context of the History of European Universities

Duration of the project

01.06.2021. - 15.11.2021.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Museum of the University of Latvia
Museum of the University of Tartu
Museum of the University of Heidelberg

Project manager

Iveta Gudakovska

Project aims

The aim of the project: to look at the Studentenkarzers as a unique cultural-historical object, to characterize the organization of the university study process and an integral part of students’ lives.

Main activities and venues

3 online workshops:

  1. between the invited universities involved in the project to get to know the history and preservation of their own and other European universities’ Studentenkarzer; dating and determination of cooperation guidelines;
  2. to discover the phenomenon of the Studentenkarzer in the Baltics and Germany in the context of the history of universities at the beginning of its establishment; to identify the common grounds as well as the differences in the history of higher education in European countries; to describe the space restoration process and its benefits;
  3. to summarize the results of the project in a public online workshop, which will be available to the interested public and to decide on the continuation of the project, in the framework of which a manuscript will be prepared and a book on the Studentenkarzers will be published.

Direct and indirect target group

Direct: about 30 in each workshop (project team, representatives of other universities involved and researchers of European higher education history in the 18.-20. century, students).

Indirect: about 100, because the online workshops will be open to the public and anyone who is interested.