The Baltics in Narration and Living

Duration of the project

15.08.2020. - 15.11.2020.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Tallinn University
Philipps-Universiy Marburg
Vytautas Magnus University
University of Tartu
Herder-Institut Marburg
Under and Tuglas Literature Centre
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Project Manager

Accoc. prof. Maris Saagpakk

Project goals

Strengthening of German Studies in the Baltics and German as a scholarly language, change of ideas between scholars of Baltic studies.

Main activities and venues

Online-conference with the centre at Tallinn University, 17 – 19 September, 2020.

Direct and indirect target groups

Scholars of Baltic topics in different fields such as literature, history, music and art history, linguistics and translation.

Direct target group: 45 participants of the conference.

Indirect target group: interested local people and German studies students at Tallinn University and Tartu University.