Stochastic dynamics of magnetotactic bacteria at random switching of rotary motors

Duration of the project

20.06.2016. - 15.12.2016.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Aim of the project

Experimental observation and theoretical description of stochastic dynamics of magnetotactic bacteria, including their speed and motor switching.

Summarize research results in a high-level publication.

Main activities of the project

Two research visits:

1) Latvian researchers to MPIKG in Potsdam, Germany (July 11-16)

2) German researchers to MMML lab in Riga, Latvia (October 17-22)

Two guest lectures:

1) MPIKG in Potsdam, Germany

2) MMML lab in Riga, in the University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics in Riga, Latvia

Target group and number of persons involved

Direct: In Latvia – members of MMML lab (15 persons)

In Germany – members of biomimetics group in MPIKG (17 persons)

Indirect (Public not directly involved in the project activities):

In Latvia – Students and faculty of the University of Latvia (more than 300 people)

In Germany – researchers from the research Campus Golm and the University of Potsdam (more than 300 people)