Solar cell waste treatment with recovery of valuable materials

Duration of the project

01.06.2019. - 15.11.2019.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)
Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH)
University of Latvia (LU)

Aim of the project

  1. Technological optimization of Si, Al and Ag recovering from Rejected Solar Cells/Wafers (RSCWs) with respect to primary mechanical pretreatment and by changes of different technological conditions.
  2. Investigated technological application of treated RSCWs for coating of metallic surfaces.
  3. Planning of a system for RSCWs chemical recycling.

Main activities of the project and venue(s) where the project activities were carried out

  1. Project management and dissemination of results (KTU, TUHH).
  2. Solar cells waste preparation for laboratory investigations (KTU).
  3. Laboratory investigations for chemical treatment of solar cells waste and recovering of valuable materials (TUHH, KTU, LU).
  4. Investigations for technological application feasibilities of obtained recovering products (KTU).
  5. Theoretical designing of system and its units for RSCWs treatment and recovering of Si, Al and Ag; determination of process economic and environmental indicators (KTU, TUHH, LU).

Achieved target group and number of persons involved

Direct: KTU, LU and TUHH professors (3 persons), KTU senior researches (2 persons), KTU, LU and TUHH  PhD students (9 persons), KTU master students (3 persons).

Indirect: Lithuanian company JSC “SoliTek R&D”, 2 persons.

Public events (lectures, workshops, conferences etc.) in the frame of the project. Please indicate the date, venue and speakers.

Kick-off meeting in Germany, at the TUHH, 19-20.06.2019. G. Denafas, R. Ozola, K. Kuhta, A. Košeļeva, M. Abis, S. Dīdlers.

Training and research in Germany, at the TUHH, 08-12.07.2019. Kuhta, A.Košeļeva, M. Ābis, S. Dīdlers, A. Šleiniūte, R. Ozola.

Intermediate meeting in Lithuania, at the KTU, 29-30.08.2019. G. Denafas, K. Kuhta, M. Klavinš, R. Bendikiene, J. Denafas, A. Šleiniūte, J.Roberts, A.Košeļeva, M. Ābis, S. Dīdlers, R. Ozola.

Final meeting in Latvija, at the LU, 05. -06.11.2019. G. Denafas, M. Kļavinš, R. Bendikiene, J. Denafas, A. Šleiniūte, J. Roberts, A.Kosheleva, R.Ozola.

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