School of Academic Excellence: Value through knowledge

Duration of the project

01.08.2021. - 30.10.2021.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Riga Technical University
Rezekne Academy of Technologies
University of Latvia
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Tallinn University of Technology
Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Project manager

Dr. paed. Velta Ļubkina

Project aims

The event aims to promote long-term cooperation between Latvia, Germany and the Baltic States in order to improve the quality of higher education by organizing an interdisciplinary event for the synergy of NATURAL SCIENCES, TECHNOLOGY and EDUCATION/Didactics of HE.

Main activities and venues

The project activities are organized in the premises of RTU.

1. 01.08.2021.- 06.10.2021. Preparation of the event, involvement of the assistant to provide technical work, acquisition of online target audience, cooperation with foreign partners for planning the content and mobility, administrative and technical measures;

2. 07.10.2021.- 08.10.2021. Event „“School of Academic Excellence: Values through Knowledge”; 100 participants of HE institutions of Latvia; foreign partners: Germany (1), Lithuania (1), Estonia (1).

3. 01.08.2021.-30.10.2021. Publicity events and preparation of information for RTU and partners’ websites about the project, etc. For the first day (until noon), a video recording of the event will be provided, which will be posted on the RTU website and will provide access to innovation for all interested parties; preparation of e-resource of presented theses and submission on the RTU website for availability to a wide audience

4. 09.10.2021.- 30.10.2021. Evaluation of quality and results, preparation of documentation and reports; the participants will be surveyed at the end to analyze the course of the event and risk factors and disseminate them to partner universities. The obtained data will be prepared for publication in the international joint paper and submitted for popularization at the international scientific conference.

Direct and indirect target group

Direct: 100 participants (academic staff, researchers, PhD students from Latvia HE institutions); Lithuania (1), Estonia (1), Germany (1)

Indirect: The video recording of the event will be provided until noon on the first day. This will ensure access to all interested parties (we expect 500 viewers in RTU and Latvia). It will also be published on the RTU website for accessibility to a wide audience