Plasma application in agriculture: seed treatment with plasma as an alternative method for increasing plant productivity

Duration of the project

16.04.2020. - 31.10.2020.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Vytautas Magnus University
Leibniz Institute for Plasma Science and Technology

Project manager

Prof. Vida Mildažienė

Project goals

The project aims to establish interdisciplinary collaboration between research groups with complementary expertise: plant biology/biochemistry (Lithuania) and plasma physics (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany) and to establish the basis for joint writing and submission of international grant proposals dealing with the application of plasma in agriculture.

Main activities of the project and venues

1. Meeting/workshop (organized by each of the both institutions, possible venues: INP, Greifswald, and VMU, Kaunas). In total, two exchange visits (3-4 days) are planned: The German scientists will visit Lithuania in the end of May 2020. The Lithuanian scientists will go to Germany in the beginning of August 2020. During each visit, (1) partners will work together and discuss project research results and questions, directly share experience; (2) laboratory visits will be organized; (3) public lecture will be given.

2. Networking. Partners will extend networking by sharing their already existing collaboration networks on plasma in agriculture area. Lithuanian partner has already established research collaborations with several countries. The German partner has accumulated strong experience in plasma life science and plasma medicine, in networking and has multiple partnerships. This project provides the opportunity to share this potential and to extend international collaboration networks for planning PhD projects and international and national funded project applications. Inquiry on suitable funding opportunities and calls (e.g. EU) will be performed and plans detalized for subsequent grant application writing and submission.

Public events in the frame of the project

Two workshops at each institution including visits to laboratories and seminars with presentations for researchers from partner (main speakers Prof. V. Mildaziene and Dr. H. Brust) and other local collaborating institutions (25 participants per workshop). The 1st workshop is planned at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, VMU, Kaunas, Lithuania on May 12

13, 2020. The 2nd workshop is planned at the INP, Germany on August 19-20, 2020. Public lectures at both institutions Public lecture (1.5-2 hours) of both local and visiting team leaders on the project research topic will be organized on each side (50-100 participants per lecture). Lecture titles: dr. H. Brust “Physical plasma applications for plant-based food production.”; prof. V. Mildazienė “How seeds can be the most stress-resistant and highly sensitive at the same time? Lessons obtained by seed treatment with cold plasma.” Public lecture for non-scientists and other interested audience will be held on the first day of the workshop in each institution: 1st on the 13.05.2020 VMU Botanical garden, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2nd on the 20.08.2020 – at the INP, Germany

Direct and indirect target groups

Direct: Scientists and students (experts in plant biology, biotechnology, cell and molecular biology, agricultural science, biochemistry, chemical analysis, microbiology and plasma physics) involved in Plasma in agriculture research: 50 persons participating in the workshops (2×25).

Indirect: Scientists, students and citizens (broad public) attending public lectures (150 persons). In Germany scientists and students from the Greifswald University and from the University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg will be invited (100 persons). In Lithuania scientists and students from the Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuanian Health Science university, Vilnius university and visitors of the Botanical Garden will be invited (50 persons).