Duration of the project

01.06.2019. - 15.11.2019.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Liepaja
University of Rostock
Vytautas Magnus University
University of Tartu
DEJ Technology GmbH

Project manager

Dr. paed. Arturs Medveckis

Project goals

The objective of the project: to get acquainted with the experience of innovative solutions for intangible culture acquisition of Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and to develop a path for further education and collaboration development, has been fully achieved. The objectives of each phase and key activities have also been achieved:

– Meeting (Tagung): presentation of the project concept, getting to know possible future cooperation partners, understanding of the quality of collaboration standards and the use of good practice using internet and digitalization resources;

– Conference: revealed the intellectual and practical potential of the partners in-depth, providing wide publicity for the target audience, and encouraged the development of new ideas for further cooperation;

– Closing Seminar: ideas of the Member States partners‘ are summarized on the benefits of the project and future cooperation;  themes were developed for future projects, initiated by the social partners and accepted by the volunteer experts involved in the process.

Main activities of the project

Project preparation phase – communication with project participants in the electronic environment, remote work of participants at their work places and places of residence (01.06.2019 – 14.10.2019.)

Meeting – according to the tasks defined in the project (in Room 229, Liepaja, 14 Liela Street, 10/14/2019)

Conference in Liepaja – at Liepaja University according to the tasks defined in the project according to the conference programme at (Liepaja, Liela Street 14, room 227 and Liepaja Museum, Kurmajas prospect 16, on 15.10.2019.)


Project Evaluation and Further Development Modeling Final Seminar – in accordance with the tasks defined in the project at Liepaja University, Liela Street 14, Room 229 (10/16/2019)
Summary of project documentation, and evaluation of publicity and effectiveness – Liepaja University, Lielā Street -14, Rooms 135 and 130, communication with project participants in electronic environment (10/17/2019 – 11/15/2019)

Public events

Conference in Liepāja and final seminar.

Direct and indirect target groups


10/14/2019 Expected number of people – 20, according to the defined profile of participants; and 20 actual participants.

10/15/2019 The planned number of people – 40, according to the defined profile of participants, but before the end of the registration the number of participants exceeded 50, in adition additional 20 unregistered listeners joined the participants to listen to presentations and to attend the thematic lecture at Liepaja Museum.

16.10.2019 Expected number of people – 20, according to the defined profile of participants; and 20 actual participants.


The indirect impact of the project is ensured through various sources of information for: target audience in schools, NGOs, research institutes of Member States, museums and travel agencies; and it is available through digital platform at Liepaja University website, as well as through distributed printed materials (100 copies), leaflets provided by the project partners and the handouts developed by Baltic – German University Liaison Office.

Liepaja University has a permanent banner revealing the main project activities, and the exposition about the project and its results, which is exposed to the wide range of visitors: LiepU students and academic staff, pupils participating in scientific research conferences, representatives of NGOs, tourists, visitors of concerts, etc. (according to sociological research monitoring it is about 1000 persons per month)

It is not possible to gather full data on the number of visitors of the social networking accounts of the partners’ websites in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Germany, as such records are not kept.

Press release