Impact of extracellular vesicles present in uterine fluid of cows with endometritis on in vitro embryo development

Duration of the project

01.06.2023. - 15.11.2023.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Estonian University of Life Sciences
Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health

Project manager

Dr. Suranga Kodithuwakku

Aims of the project

The effect of extracellular vesicles present in the uterine fluid of cows with subclinical and clinical endometritis on the in vitro development of embryos is studied. Extracellular vesicles present in uterine fluid from healthy cows serve as controls. Developmental rates as well as viability after vitrification will be evaluated. Furthermore, the embryos will be examined on cytological and transcriptional level.

Main activities of the project

Isolation of EVs from UF – Estonian University of Life Sciences in Tartu, Estonia

Conducting embryo culturing experiments – Federal Research Institute of Animal Health in Mariensee, Germany

Analysing and discussion of the results – online collaboration between the project parties.

Public events in the frame of the project

We will conduct and online bi-lateral knowledge exchange conference between the project partners which will be open to public as well.  This will be an online half a day conferences hosted online and will be open for researchers, embryo technicians and embryo producing commercial entities from both countries and also any interested public. The event will be tentatively conducted on 25th of October 2023. Four speakers from Germany and four speakers from Estonia will deliver online presentations with a final Q & A session. The session will be moderated by the project manager

The second event will be a public awareness programme which is conducted at Academy of Science of Students, at Tartu Estonia targeting high schools and undergraduate students as in person event. The event will be held in the first week of October 2023

Direct and indirect target group of the project

Direct: Researchers, academics and doctoral students in the Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animals Sciences, EMU, Estonia and Federal Research Institute of Animal Health in Mariensee, Germany, total of 40

Indirect: In vitro embryo producing institutes, embryo technicians, dairy farmers and students in the embryology/veterinary medicine field in Estonia and Germany, totalling over 200