HoW exciting! 2022

Duration of the project

10.05.2022. - 10.07.2022.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
Humboldt University of Berlin

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Andris Guļāns

Achieved aim(s) of the project

  • Enhanced collaboration between the hackathon participants,
  • development of high-performance computing (exascale) algorithms in electronic structure codes (exciting, Abinit and FHI-aims),
  • training in high-performance computing for local researchers.

Main activities of the project and venue(s) where the project activities were carried out

  1. Hackathon – 15.06.2022-20.06.2022
  2. Hands-on tutorial: Performance analysis tools for applications in high-performance computing. Lectures and practical exercises – 21.06.2022

Reached target group and number of persons involved

Direct: 19 hackathon participants and 8 participants of the hands-on tutorial.

Indirect: this target group is the international community of electronic-structure codes users, who will benefit from the results of this meeting in the future. We estimate their number as 200.