Elm disease in Germany and Estonia: Investigation of resistant elms and microorganisms as biocontrol

Duration of the project

01.03.2019. - 31.10.2019.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Estonian University of Life Sciences
University of Göttingen
Eisele GmbH & Co KG

Aim of the project

In future, changes in climatic conditions will increase invasive pathogens and enhance local pests in forest ecosystems, thus actions of co-operation between different countries are of high importance to restrict the effects of these pathogens. Especially in the field of forest pathology, establishing a new and long-term cooperation is needed as especially fungal and insect pests can easily spread from one country to another.

Forest Pathology groups in Germany and Estonia are actively working on similar research topics, including Dutch Elm Disease (DED) and they aim to raise awareness of invasive pathogens, and provide solutions for forest disease management. To have more impact of our research to society; establishing new projects together are well needed to design effective, durable and environmentally friendly disease prevention. The aim of this project is to start well-needed cooperation between Germany (University of Göttingen) and Estonia (Estonian University of Life Sciences) forest pathology teams. Likewise, to share a knowledge and expertise to determine and recognise endophytes, and pathogens affecting elm trees in forest and urban space.

Main activities of the project

  1. Collecting samples in elm nursery (Darmstadt, Germany) and in Estonia (5 locations, where Dutch Elm Disease is present, but some trees are less susceptible and still alive)
  2. Analysis of samples, isolation and identification of fungi by molecular methods in both laboratories: University of Göttingen and Estonian University of Life Sciences
  3. Lectures in Germany and in Estonia

Target group and number of persons involved

Direct: researchers, students, people dealing with forest diseases (50 people in both countries)

Indirect: people connected with landscaping, nature protection, municipalities (50 people in both countries)

Public events

Both partners are going to give lectures to students and other people interested in particular topic (incl. researchers) as specialised seminar organised during the visits. Mrs. L. Jürisoo will give a talk in University of Göttingen during her visit at April 2019. Dr. K. Blumenstein will give a talk in Estonian University of Life Sciences during her visit in August or September 2019.

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