Experiments in Physics Teaching and Learning

Duration of the project

15.09.2021. - 15.11.2021.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Tallinn University of Technology
Leibniz University Hannover
University of Latvia

Project manager

Prof. Dr. Jaan Kalda

Aim of the project

The project aims to initiate collaboration in physics education research between the involved universities, with the focus on developing novel approaches to laboratory works for undergraduate studies as new technologies and shifts in educational goals require new approaches. There is also a need for solutions allowing labwork during pandemics when contact lessons are not permitted. Cooperation is expected to create synergy and lead to faster progress in this field.

At the Leibniz University Hannover, research is being carried on learning about inclusion in the physics practical course – development and testing of suitable experiments; tutor training for the physics practical course; tandem teaching of a university seminar on modern physics; conversion of physics lectures according to the flipped classroom approach.

The TalTech projects “RemoteLab” and “VirtualLab” develop experiments that can be controlled and carried out remotely over the web, and experiments that can be done virtually using a computer code simulating experiments and measurement processes as realistically as possible.

At the Department of Physics, the University of Latvia, a video demonstration set in the topic “Electricity” has been created, containing open questions for students, and research on undergraduate students’ knowledge and skills in a laboratory course in physics has been conducted.

Main activities of the project

  1. Intensive week in Tallinn and Riga, with all parties gathering first in Tallinn, to get acquainted with the “RemoteLab” and “VirtualLab” projects, as well as with the novel experiments for undergraduate laboratories, to be presented during a short workshop, followed by a travel to Riga where a workshop and a roundtable will be held.

Venue: Tallinn University of Technology and University of Latvia

Dates: Monday, 4th October till Saturday, 9th October

  1. Experience exchange visit of Estonian and Latvian researchers to Hannover with the aim to get acquainted with the German educational technologies; during the stay in Hannover, also a workshop will be held.

Venue: Leibniz University of Hannover

Dates: Monday, 22nd November till Saturday, 27th November

Direct and indirect target group of the project

Direct: undergraduate and MSc physics students of the involved universities: around 70; PhD students, lecturers and teachers: around 30. All the eight persons directly involved in the project.

Indirect: in-service physics teachers, undergraduate students of all the specialities taking physics courses, high school students, with the total number of persons exceeding a thousand.