Guest lecture of Dr. Phil. Prof. Hans Poser and his report on „Ethics of technology as a European Task” in Riga

Duration of the project

01.07.2012. - 30.09.2012.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
Technical University of Berlin

Aim of the project

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology at the University of Latvia is organising an international conference „Ethics of a Scientist: Latvia, Baltics, Europe” with participation with Dr. Phil. Prof. Hans Poser from the Technical University of Berlin. Professor Hans Poser is one of the best known philosophers of contemporary Germany, he has been a long-time leader of the Leibniz Association, chairman of the Committee on History of Philosophy of International Federation of Philosophical Societies and member of the Directors committee. He has worked on a wide range of philosophical problems: tasks and perspectives of the contemporary philosophy, modern ethics, philosophy of technics and globalisation issues. He is widely known in Germany and abroad. Professor Hans Poser is going to give a guest lecture to general publics organised by Baltic-German University Liaison Office, as well as take part in the conference, meet the doctoral students and consult them on their subjects.

The aim of the project is to introduce the philosophical views of prof. Poser regarding philosophy of technics, modern ethics and philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann (born in Riga) to general publics, students and professors.
Target group: students, professors and any interested persons.

Main activities of the project

The activities of Prof. Poser enhanced an open and lively discussion on ethics of a scientist, as well as contributed in an important manner to the success of the project.

Target group and number of persons involved

Students, professors, embassy representatives and everyone interested were invited.