Development of Digital and Entrepreneurial Competences for the Future Labour Market Needs

Duration of the project

01.02.2020. - 15.10.2020.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Klaipėda University
Landshut University of Applied Sciences

Project manager

Asoc. prof. Dr. Daiva Labanauskaite

Project goals

The project goal is to develop a short-term program for young academics and professionals helping to strengthen their skills. The project can be considered as a multi-disciplinary approach involving disciplines in social sciences, economics, business, ethics, information technology, law and others.

Main activities and venues

  1. Analysis of the digitalization strategies in the Baltic countries and Germany. Define the actual status of the transformation process in private and public sector.
  2. Research and analysis the required competencies for future working conditions.
  3. Enhance existing and develop new learning methods to achieve expected competences.
  4. Develop a bilateral short-term study program for young academics and professionals.
  5. Organize a public conference to increase the attention on challenges in futures working conditions including external key speakers.

Public events

20th – 21th of April 2020 workshop in Klaipeda / Lithuania “Demanded digital and entrepreneurial competences for the future labour market”, Speakers: A. Kumpf, J. Benson, S. M. Koller, F. Dobmann, assoc. prof. dr. E. Župerkienė, assoc. prof. dr. D. Labanauskaitė and other.

7th of October 2020 public conference in Landshut / Germany “Digital and Entrepreneurship – Future Trend in Government and in Industry”. Speakers: A. Kumpf, assoc. prof. dr. E. Župerkienė, assoc. prof. dr. D. Labanauskaitė and other.

Direct and indirect target groups

Direct: Teaching staff at Klaipeda University and University of Applied Sciences Landshut, postgraduate students;  leaders of private companies and public institutions

Indirect: Public, Higher Education institutes in Baltic Countries and in Germany, Students