Development of a test bench for wheel testing including the associated digital twin

Duration of the project

01.06.2023. - 15.11.2023.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

Tallinn University of Technology
University of Applied Sciences of Stralsund

Project manager

Viktor Rjabtšikov

Aims of the project

Presentation of research results to new target group.

Attracting more students from Germany for internships or student research projects at TalTech.

Main activities of the project

Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology – Research and development of the test bench for wheels

Germany, Hochschule Stralsund – University of Applied Sciences – Presentation of the project to professors and students

Public events in the frame of the project

Public presentation at Hochschule Stralsund of the research in the project “Digital twin for propulsion drive of an autonomous electric vehicle” by the TalTech Mechatronics and Autonomous Systems Research Group consisting of project leader Prof. Anton Rassõlkin, Viktor Rjabtšikov, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Daniil Valme and Rolando Antonio Gilbert Zequera. Also master student Robin Köppe will present other students of his university his experience of working within the research group. The presentation will take place at Hochschule Stralsund in October during the winter semester (exact date and venue are currently being discussed and will be announced later). The presentation will be public and will be announced to students and professors of Hochschule Stralsund with a focus on the faculty of electrical engineering and computer science. The following topics will be presented during the lecture:


  • Digital twin for propulsion drive of autonomous electric vehicle (Prof. Anton Rassõlkin)
  • Development Methodology for creating the Digital Twin for Propulsion Drive of an Electric Vehicle (PhD student Viktor Rjabtšikov)
  • Advanced application of the Middleware Services for the Digital Twin of an Autonomous Electric Vehicle Propulsion Drive (PhD student Mahmoud Ibrahim)
  • Using hyperspectral imaging onboard of unmanned ground vehicles for inspection and navigation purposes (PhD student Daniil Valme)
  • Methodology for Diagnostics of Energy Storage Systems Based on System Digital Representation (PhD student Rolando Antonio Gilbert Zequera)
  • Master thesis: Development of a test bench for wheel testing including the associated digital twin + Experience of the internship at TalTech (Master student Robin Köppe)

Direct and indirect target group of the project

Direct: Master’s student (better cooperation and communication between two universities), project group (5 people: 1 professor and 4 PhD students, increasing network and getting new useful input for research), professors and students from Stralsund who will participate in project presentation and learn about the project (at least 50 people), TalTech (research results getting presented to new target group), Hochschule Stralsund (offers interesting lecture and starts new cooperation)

Indirect: groups of students who will work and study with the test bench in the future (~20 students per semester)