PhD course related to the German-Latvian colloquium „Modelling for material processing”

Duration of the project

10.07.2010. - 30.09.2010.

Countries and institutions involved in the project

University of Latvia
Leibnitz University of Hanover
Technical University Munich

Description of the project

In the Faculty for Physics and Mathematics of University of Latvia from September 10th – 15th took place an international PhD course „Modelling for material processing”. 8 PhD-students from Latvia, Germany and France have attended lectures that were held by the leading professionals of modelling of turbulent flows and semiconductor material technologies from Technical University Munich, Leibnitz institute of crystal growth in Berlin, Leibnitz University of Hanover and University of Latvia. In laboratory works students became acquainted with specific usage of electromagnetic field and ultrasound for the improvement of the quality of metal melts and semiconductor materials by using inductive heating and melting technologies. In the conclusion of the course the participants reported about the research done and received certificates, confirming that they have completed the 40 hours long program.