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Project title:

CompEPart - E Participation in local governments: Developing a comparative framework

Time of implementation:


01.06. - 30.11.2018

Involved countries and institutions:

  1. Lithuania, Klaipėda University
  2. Germany, Harz University of Applied Sciences
  3. Latvia, University of Latvia
  4. Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology
Aim(s) of the project:

In the 1990s, a discussion was initiated on the egalitarian, empowering and participatory effects of the Internet on modern societies, which has become even more pronounced with the increasing globalization of today's media society. In this context E-participation as a way of modern participation of citizens’ in the local governments’ decision-making process and a converging tool to tackle municipal challenges, e.g. financial restrictions.


Up to now, a wide variety of e-participation projects have been carried out throughout Europe, but a comparative analysis of these research results has not yet been carried out. CompEpart aims to close this gap by developing a comparative framework for the exchange of current research results on e-participation in local governments in the Baltic States and Germany, thereby initiating further joint research activities in order to strengthen knowledge/experience transfer in science-municipal development in the Baltic States. The project methodology will be based on concepts of policy evaluation.


While online technologies are already tested for e-participation on a project-by-project-basis in Germany, e. g. in voting on financial decisions, E-participation in the Baltic States, especially in Lithuania is still limited, and primarily driven by individual initiatives e.g. in social networks or by traditional way via electronic questionnaires.


The Kick-Off event in Wernigerode offers the opportunity to get to know each other personally and to familiarize oneself with the German language and culture. In addition, the Baltic partners can talk directly to relevant stakeholders and exchange knowledge and experience in person, which is crucial for the establishment of a joint, long-term partnership between the partner institutions and with municipal partners. The planned final meeting at Klaipeda University will be used to present the acquired and comparatively prepared knowledge as well as the project experiences and to obtain feedback. A special target group here are the students of administrative science courses of study as future specialists and executives in the public administrations / organisations. This also includes discussions on joint transnational student projects / integration into the respective curricula. In addition, possible follow-up projects will be discussed with local stakeholders on the basis of the funding research carried out in the project.

Potential speakers at the final conference at the University of Klaipeda in Lithuania: research team from the participating higher education institutions, officials from local government and IT specialists.

Target group:

Direct: Researchers and students of public administration, mayors and executive staff of local governments (approximately 40 persons)

Indirect: citizens, volunteers, municipal associations, non-governmental organizations, regional / national clubs (approximately 20 persons)

Main activities of the project and possible venues where the project activities will take place:

1.    Preparation and implementation of the comparative research activities at partner universities, first conference call for alignment of the project planning (June)

2.    Preparation of Project Meeting I, research by partners, second conference call (July/August)

3.    Project Meeting I, Kick Off in Halberstadt/ Wernigerode, Germany (September)

4.    Research by partners, joint work on a follow up grant proposal (October/November)

5.    Project Meeting II, Klaipeda University (end of November)

Public events in the frame of the project:

Project Meeting I Kick Off in Halberstadt/ Wernigerode, Deutschland (27/28 Sep 18)


28. November, 10.00

Klaipėda University, Conference Hall Aula Magna, 1st floor, H. Manto str. 90–2 (Building: Studlendas), Klaipėda, Lithuania

Research Conference "E-participation in local governments – developing a comparative view"


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