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Project title

Measuring techniques in liquid metals 

Time of implementation

 01.04. - 30.11.2018

Involved countries and institutions

1. Latvia: University of Latvia (UL)

2. Germany: Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) 

Aim(s) of the project

Evaluating and measuring the velocity in liquid metal is one of the hardest challenges and it is a critical aspect for crystallization, metallurgical processes, creation of metal structure, homogenization of the temperature etc. Different methods exist, and recently a highly effective visualization technique for liquid metal three phase flow has been created by UL with cooperation of Paul Scherer Institute in Switzerland and HZDR – a neutron beam is used to look inside the liquid metal. The concept was successfully realized and published [1]. However the used experimental device for metal agitation, i.e. a permanent magnet stirrer, was not properly calibrated as there have been no other velocity measurements. It is of the highest importance to obtain results with a different technique for comparison. This project would allow to obtain a full information about the velocity field, however the gain would be threefold: 1) verification of dynamic neutron radiography results, 2) assessment of the permanent magnet stirrers efficiency and 3) exchange of knowledge about measuring techniques between partner institutions as both of the institutions have experience with different types of measuring equipment, techniques and data analysis. This is the main aim of the project – to share the knowledge of different measuring techniques in liquid metal to deepen the synergy between the partners. 

Target group

Direct: students and young scientists as well as experienced researchers from UL (3) and HZDR (2) participating in the exchange visits and attending seminars.

Indirect (Public not directly involved in the project activities): scientific personnel and students of UL and HZDR participating in seminars and experimental work in each institute. 

Main activities of the project and venue(s) where the project activities will be carried out:

1. Meeting in HZDR, Germany. Discussion about measuring techniques and data analysis in HZDR and IPUL. Open seminar about the research aims of this project and introduction to IPUL.

2. Experimental work in HZDR using ultrasound sensors to measure liquid metal flow velocity driven by permanent magnet stirrer.

3. Experiments in UL with potential difference probe and ultrasound sensors (comparison with data obtained in HZDR) to measure liquid metal flow velocity driven by permanent magnet stirrer.

4. Data analysis and processing of the results for publication in a paper.

5. Presentation of the obtained results in open seminar in UL. Additionally a presentation about recent developments in liquid metal flow measurement techniques in HZDR. 

Public events in the frame of the project

09.2018 - guest lecture in HZDR by representatives of UL about the project and recent developments in UL research in related area. 

10.2018 - guest lecture in UL by representative of HZDR about the recent developments in liquid metal flow measurement techniques in HZDR. Additionally a lecture about the results of the project.