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Knowledge co-production in information logistics

Time of implementation: 01.07.2013 - 15.12 2013
Countries and institutions which are involved in the project:

1. Riga Technical University, Latvia

2. University of Rostock, Germany
Aim(s) of the project:

The project „Knowledge co-production in information logistics“ is intended as mutual effort of Riga Technical University, Latvia, and University of Rostock, Germany, of establishing joint applied research in the field of information logistics following the approach of industry and academia jointly producing new knowledge (co-production).


1.  Extend the industrial network of both universities in the area of information logistics

2. Elaborate subjects of research in information logistics with potential for attracting research funding

3.   Prepare strategic acquisition plan for research funding in the context of knowledge co-production and information logistics for SMES with industrial participation 

 4. Incorporate knowledge co-production in Masters of Business Informatics programs at the University of Rostock and at the Riga Technical University

Target group and persons who will be involved:

1.   Companies in the region of Riga and in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (knowledge co-production – at least 3 companies, information  distribution – at least 15 Latvian companies)

2.    Researchers in the area of Business Informatics (8 doctoral students/ researchers)

3.  Business informatics students at Riga Technical University and the University of  Rostock (20 students)

Main activities of the project:

1.  Analysis of knowledge co-production opportunities in  Riga, Latvia and and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern region in Germany and preparation of application examples and guidelines                     

 2.   Organization of information logistics events in Latvia

3.    Development of teaching materials for students

 4.   Analysis of funding opportunities and preparation of an acquisition plan

Venue(s) where the project activities will be carried out:  University of Rostock and Riga Technical University
Planned public events and date of the events:

Information Logistics Seminar/Session in Riga on November 6. or 7. (in connection with PoEM conference)

Information in Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In – starting from September, 2013
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