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The Baltic-German University Liaison Office offers internships!

Internship is a great opportunity to acquire practical skills in parallel with studies or after graduation.

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Period: At least 2 months
Graphic designer
Period: At least 2 months


    I am Christine and I have been working for the Baltic-German University Liaison Office for the past 2 months. At home in Mainz, I have recently finished my Masters with the title “Linguistics with a focus on the languages of Northern Europe and the Baltics.” after my Bachelor in German studies and Spanish. A career as taxi drivers is not necessary however: In January I will be moving back to Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the Baltic Sea to work as editorial staff for a local newspaper.

    In my internship in Latvia I was mainly tasked with public relations work but also helped out at different events organised by the Baltic-German Liaison Office. It was a versatile and interesting and my time in Riga was a good experience in every way.

    Christine Gerhard


    I am Aleksej Grober and I have completed a two-month internship working for the Baltic-German Liaison Office in spring of 2019. Living near Berlin, I am doing a traineeship as public administration clerk for the Federal Ministry for Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany. My interest in the Baltic States led me to the application at the Baltic-German University Liaison Office in Riga, in which I completed a diverse set of tasks in a team with a pleasant atmosphere. As such, I was involved in the planning and implementation of events, assisted with the bookkeeping and was able to help my colleagues with the biannual project competition. I was able to further improve my language skills, broadened my horizon and took many of the acquired professional and social experiences with me to Berlin.

    Aleksej Grober


    My name is Phillip and I am in my last semester of my degree in Social Sciences and English at the University of Cologne. In spring of 2019 I completed an internship with the Baltic-German Liaison Office. I consciously chose the BDHK, as it allowed me to gain insight into the day to day work of a non-profit scientific funding institution. The work was very enjoyable as it was very versatile. Next to broad administration tasks and translation jobs I had the chance to assist with the planning and execution of events and was involved in the shaping of the website. The pleasant and friendly work atmosphere helped with giving me an enjoyable experience from start to finish of my internship.

    Phillip Fischer


    I am David von der Lühe. I am currently studying Baltic studies and Communication sciences at the University of Greifswald. As part of my studies, I completed an internship with the Baltic-German University Liaison Office in Riga. There, I was mainly involved in the organisation of public events as well as public relations work. The work allowed me an insight into the daily work life as it might be after the completion of my academic studies. There was a pleasant atmosphere in the office at all times, which helped in making my internship a rewarding experience.

    David von der Lühe


    My name is Alexandra Mardaus and I am working as an intern with the Baltic-German Liaison Office in Riga for 3.5 months. I am from Austria and am studying international economic relations with a focus on Eastern Europe at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. I am a big fan of the Baltic States as I had already completed an exchange semester in Vilnius, Lithuania before coming to Riga. The Baltic States offer beautiful landscapes (which are unique in all 4 seasons), good food and a welcoming atmosphere. Because of that, I was eager to find an internship position that was involved with strengthening the relations and cultural/scientific ties between the countries – exactly that is the goal and work of the Baltic-German University Liaison Office.

    I assisted my colleagues in the planning and execution of projects as well as with bookkeeping. My other tasks involved the preparation of speeches and general public relations work. I can only recommend an internship at the BDHK in Riga.

    Alexandra Mardaus


    I am Ženija Minka, I am studying translation and interpreting at Ventspils University College in the last year. The focus of my studies is on the translating to and from German as well as from English.

    For my mandatory internship I chose the Baltic-German University Liaison Office as the work was done in an international atmosphere. I was able to assist in organising events and participate in international communication. The work of the BDHK consists of the promotion of scientific and academic cooperation between Germany and the Baltic States. A cause in which I was happy to participate. I got lucky with competent and understanding colleagues which is why the internship was very enjoyable.

    Ženija Minka

    Intern (Translator)

    My name is Gražina Žegoda. At the moment, I am a student of economics in the 4th year with a focus on bookkeeping and finances at the Latvian University of Life Sciences. For my two-month internship I chose the Baltic-German University Liaison Office. The internship offered me a chance to put my academic knowledge in accounting to practical use. As such, I was also able to further my knowledge of the work field of institutions as well as learning about new aspects of the norms of accounting in Germany.

    The chance to work with international and friendly colleagues at the BDHK made my internship a pleasant experience.

    Gražina Žegoda

    Intern (Accountant)