How many eyes does a dog have?
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"Whatever you can do or whatever your dreams are, start know" /Johann Wolfgang von Goethe/

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How many eyes does a human have?

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January 24, 18.00
Goethe Institute Riga, Torņa iela 1, Riga 
Guest lecture What is `German Culture´? Answers Given by Modern Cultural Studies” by Prof. Dr. Claus Altmayer 
In cooperation with the Goethe Institute Riga 
German and Latvian 
plakats 24.01

January 26, 9.30 - 10.30

Tallinn University, Narva mnt 29, Mare building M213, Tallinn, Estonia

Guest lecture „Culture-Related Learning in the Context of German as a Foreign Language or: Do We Still Need 'Cultural Studies'?” by prof. Dr. Claus Altmayer in the frame of the conference „Landeskunde Nord 2018” 

Moderation: Frank Thomas Grub (Uppsala)

In cooperation with the Tallinn University


plakat altmayer tallinn 26.01.2018

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