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German Terminology Study Centre

The German Terminology Study Centre was opened April 22nd 2010.

Report about opening ceremony in German Language

Everbody interested in the German language is welcome here. The centre offers specialist literature and dictionaries focusing on the German language, German as a foreign language and in particular specialist literature in the fields of medicine, law, economy and engineering:

  • monolingual German dictionaries

  • German-Latvian dictionaries

  • German specialised dictionaries

  • German textbooks, in particular in order to expand language skills in special field (banking, economy, vocational communication, hotel industry, agriculture, medicine…)


Books, Press, Multimedia


Books supported by the Baltic-German University Liaison Office


Useful resources

Some textbooks have additonal audiomaterial on CD or DVD.

As a supplement the offer includes lexica in German and compendia from different fields and travel literature about Germany and the Baltic States:

  • Humanities (linguistics, computer linguistics, literature, philosophie, music, art)
  • Science (chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, informatics)
  • Psychologie, pedagogics
  • Country studies, travel guides and atlases

Beyond that there is literature on culture and history, especially of the Baltic States and on German-Baltic relations. Also a few novels and biographies are available that deal with the Baltics.

Due to several magazines and thanks to subscriptions of the magazine "Der Spiegel", it is possible to get a picture about the current economical and social situation in Germany.

In addition to the main topic of German language, there is a small collection of teaching material for the French language, French dictionaries and literature about Latvia.

A complete list of the books and media available

Unforunately lending is not possible, but the Centre has place to work. For watching DVD and listening to audio material a TV set respective audio equipment is available. For efficient working with the literature a computer is available and it is possible to copy text passages.

The foundation of the German Technology Centre was supported with means by the Rotary Club Bochum-Rechen und Rotary International and the Rotary Clubs Riga Hansa.

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Adress: Kaļķu iela 1 - 404
Opening hours: Mon. - Fri.: 10.30 – 17.00
or by arrangement: +371 67286033
Opening hours in summer: only by previous agreement 


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